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Founded in 1921, as Fuels and Ores Experimental Station, INT emerged with the function of investigating and disseminating the industrial processes exploitation of mineral resources in the country. Since then, recognized by the creativity and expertise, contributing to significant episodes as the confirmation of the existence of oil in Brazil and technological validation of Proálcool (National Alcohol Program). The Institute was also the first federal research unit accredited to certify products, operating since 2001 as a Product Certification Organization (OCP 0023).


Participate in the sustainable development of Brazil through technological research, the transfer of knowledge and fostering innovation.

Areas of Activity

The INT operates the following strategic bases:  Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals, Renewable Energy, Health, Green Chemistry, Social Technologies and Defense.


The technical expertise of the Institute is structured in the areas of catalysis and chemical processes, corrosion and degradation, industrial design, energy, evaluation engineering and production, testing of materials and products, innovation and technological exploration, processing and characterization of materials and analytical chemistry.


The INT has a physical infrastructure that includes 19 laboratories. They are:

Characterization of Mechanical Properties and Microstructural, Testing and Products, Evaluation of Medical-Hospital products, Analytical Chemistry, Tobacco and Tobacco Products, Organic Instrumental Analysis, Technology of Polymeric Materials, Powder Technology, Ergonomics, Three Dimensional Models, Catalysis, Biocatalysis, Combinatorial Catalysis, Corrosion and Protection , H2S, CO2 and Corrosivity, Biocorrosion and Degradation, Gas and Energy, Fuels and Lubricants, Electrochemical Measurements and Biotechnology of Microalgae. It also has a Centre of Nanotechnology Characterization, shared by areas related to this type of activity.

International Inclusion

The INT performs international relations of cooperation, collaboration and provision of services (it develops an activity not getting involved with appropriations made by the partner). These relationships occur with various countries located in Europe, South and North America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. The results of this interaction have passed into patents, scientific publications in international journals and local journals, besides technical deliveries.

Technological Innovation

The INT constantly directed, to interact with the productive sector through technological transfer, contemplating the generation of technological innovations in companies or public organizations. Outstanding is the performance of the Institute in the pilot project for the Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa e Inovação Industrial (Embrapii - Brazilian Company of Research and Industrial Innovation) and the growing leadership in cooperative networks, in particular the networks of the Sistema Brasileiro de Tecnologia (Sibratec - Brazilian System of Technology). The INT has stimulated, by means of its Nucleus of Technological Innovation and the Business Incubator, the protection of the creations, licensing and other forms of transfer of technology and technical information to the community, as well as forming technology based companies.

Vision of the Future

Thinking about the future, the INT already has important investments planned in the light of new technological demands. The major goal of the Institute is the consolidation of INT increasingly stronger and that occupies prominent place in the structure of CT&I (Ciência Tecnologia & Inovação - Science Technology & Innovation) of the country, through effective participation in the construction of a stronger and fair Brazil. It has as a vision of the future, be recognized until 2021, as a national reference in research and technological development for innovation.

Human Resources

The workforce of the INT is composed of 652 individuals, being 227 employees, 236 scholarships, 60 service providers, 35 interns and 94 third party persons. Among these, there are 335 college-graduated professionals, 79 doctors, 98 teachers and 135 specialists in different areas of knowledge


Name of the Institution: Instituto Nacional de tecnologia (INT/MCTI)

Director: Fernando Cosme Rizzo Assunção

Address: Av. Venezuela, 82, Rio de Janeiro – RJ , Brasil  Cep: 20081-312

Phone: 55- 21-2123-1018

Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia